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Ninth (IX) Session of ERO Board


In the ninth session of the Board of Energy Regulatory Office held today on 24.06.2022, the Board reviewed and approved the supplement/amendments of the Thermal Energy Pricing Rule; Rule on the Development of Load Profiles in the Kosovo Power System, reviewed the file on announcement of the tender for Supplier of Last Resort, as well as issued 11 authorizations for construction of solar panels for self-consumption.

In this session, following the review of the application of the company “Elektrosever”, ERO Board, in line with the legal requirements of the Law on Energy Regulator and Rule on Licensing of Energy Activities in Kosovo as well as the Guideline on Implementation of the Energy Agreement, reached in Brussels on 21.06.2022, approved the request for granting the license, for electricity supply of customers in four northern municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo.

The granting of this license marks the commencement of fulfilment of the criteria foreseen in the latest agreement, signed in Brussels and eventually the normalization of billing and collection of the consumed energy. 

In this session, the Board also reviewed some customer complaints as well as other issues related to the management of Energy Regulatory Office.

. All decisions of ERO Board will be published on the electronic website of ERO