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Seventh (VIIth) Session of ERO Board in 2024

On 31 May 2024, the Board of Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) held its seventh session (VII) for this year.In this session, the ERO Board, following the review of the request of the Ministry of Economy, after the evaluation and analysis of the current situation, in order to achieve the Energy Strategy objectives, has decided to allow the use of the tendering procedure for construction of generation capacities for the specific wind project of 150 MW for fulfillment of energy targets from renewable sources, in accordance with Law no. 04/L-045 on Public-Private Partnership.

In this session, the Board reviewed and approved 116 requests for granting authorizations for construction of solar panels for prosumers with a total of 1.9 MW.

Part of the review by the Board were customer complaints as well as some other issues related to the functioning of the Energy Regulatory Office.

All decisions of the ERO Board will be published on the official ERO website