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Fifth (V) Session of ERO Board


On 03 May and 13 May 2024, the Board of the Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) held the fifth session for this year.

In this session, following the review, the Board approved:

1. Thermal Energy Long-term Balance for 2024-2033 of DH Termokos and DH Gjakova;
2. Five-year Development Plan and One-year Investment Plan of the Distribution System  Operator (KEDS);
3. Eighty  (80) authorizations for self-consumption with a total of 1.8 MW;

In this session, ERO Board reviewed the Report on Deficiencies and Recommendation for Metering Systems of Transmission System and the Monitoring Report the Ibër Lepenc.

Part of review from the Board were also some customer complaints and other issues related to the functioning of the sector and the Energy Regulatory Office.

All decisions of the Board will be published on the official website of ERO