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Press Release

Within the framework of the approval of the Electricity Market Rules which will serve the operation of the Electricity Exchange in Albania and Kosovo, the Energy Regulatory Entity welcomed today the representatives of the Kosovo Regulator (ERO) who held a joint public session with stakeholders from both countries, among which we can mention AAES, AK, FTL, KOSTT, KURUM, KESH, KESCO.

In their introductory speech, the heads of the relevant entities pointed out the importance of these rules following bilateral cooperation, being an important step for the creation and coupling of the electricity market. This process dates from June 2018, when the transmission system operators TSO, KOSTT and ERE and ERO signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the coupling of the day-ahead and intra-day market, this cooperation which will continue even after the approval of the rules and launch of ALPEX operation.

During this meeting, the Administrator of ALPEX made a general description of the electricity market rules (ALPEX rules, definitions, trading procedure as well as the clearing and settlement procedure, proposed by ALPEX and TSO JSC.). These rules will further enable the operation of the stock exchange.

Then the comments of the stakeholders invited to this meeting were also heard, which will be followed by hearings and other technical meetings until the approval of the above-mentioned rules by the relevant regulators, in another joint meeting between the regulators.