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Takimi me SHUKOS dhe KRU-te

The Energy Regulator discusses with representatives of institutions and RWCs the exit to electricity open market

Representatives of the Energy Regulator, today, on 12 January 2021 held an informative meeting with representatives of the Regional Water Companies (RWCs), the Association of Water and Sewerage Companies of Kosovo (SHUKOS), the Inter-Ministerial Water Council at the Office of the Prime Minister, Ministry of Economy and Environment as well as representatives of the Water Services Regulatory Authority (ARRU). The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information on concrete actions that need to be taken in the framework of liberalization of the electricity market and the deadline set by the Energy Regulator.

In this meeting, representatives of the Regulator have emphasized once again the actions that have been taken to harmonize secondary legislation with the new primary laws, issuing the "Guideline on liberalization of the electricity market in Kosovo." The guideline defines the manner, criteria and timing of the commencement of liberalization of electricity market in Kosovo, at generation and electricity supply level.

According to the legislation in force, the right to supply universal service, where for a while the tariffs will be regulated, is entitled to all household and non-household customers who have an annual turnover of not more than ten (10) million euros, or having less than fifty (50) employees. While non-household customers connected to the voltage level of 35 kV and the voltage level of 10 kV, who do not meet the above criteria will be subject to market criteria and prices for electricity supply no later than 31 March 2021.

Representatives of the Regulator have announced that according to the Law on Electricity, in case the customer fails to find a supplier at unregulated prices within the deadline set above, the customer for a period not longer than sixty (60) days, is provided with the Guaranteed Supply.

The Regulator assured the participants that its role will remain the same in customer care and that it will continue in the future to monitor all operators to ensure that market rules are being respected and customers are being provided with appropriate services without discrimination.

ERO has notified that 8 companies for electricity supply have already been licensed and has encouraged customers to start the procedures of finding suppliers who offer deregulated prices, and who are included in the list published by the Regulator. ( ).